Laboratory Technician Apprentice (Level 3), Curtis Analytics

Curtis Analytics


Working for Curtis Analytics
Curtis Analytics is a Laboratory which offers testing services help companies and private clients to reduce the levels of acrylamide in their products. They conduct ground-breaking and vital research into mitigation strategies and testing procedures. Their research projects are funded both publicly (through innovate UK) and privately.

The formation of Acrylamide in food is recognised by the industry as a difficult problem to resolve. The recent introduction of regulations to control levels of acrylamide in our food has led to industry partners working with scientists to reduce our exposure to these chemicals. Curtis Analytics is a company with expertise in Acrylamide formation. We aim to help food producers and private individuals to reduce the levels of Acrylamide in their products and food to as low as reasonably achievable, also to comply with the regulations through testing services and acrylamide research.

Curtis Analytics are a scientific and creative company who invest in their employees. For example, the last laboratory technician who worked with them has moved onto doing her master’s in international marketing now. She was highly encouraged to continue with her education and given allowances to work on her degree to achieve results.

In this role, you’ll be a key player in assisting the food matrix and quality team, specifically with the analyses of amino acids, sugars, and acrylamide.
What it's like being a Level 3 Laboratory Technician

As a Laboratory Technician Apprentice, you’ll be training for your Level 3 Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship. Your role will include the preparation of samples for analysis, generation of data and figures for publication and general laboratory duties (such as glass washing and solution preparation). Full supervision will be given, and no staff member is permitted to work alone until fully competent in the task they are undertaking. The post holder is expected to carry out the duties reasonably required by the line manager or company, commensurate with the grade and level of responsibility for this post.

Other duties may include:

• Preparing specialist materials, ensuring appropriate quality control methodologies are employed, to conduct analytical tests
• Operating specialist apparatus, equipment, and instruments
• Ensuring accurate completion of documentation such as records, reports and bulletins
• Inputting data and performing simple numerical calculations, using databases and other standard IT packages
• Summarising data/test results and present findings accurately, reviewing and highlighting trends
• Ensuring the safe handling, storage and disposal of hazardous substances and familiarise with risk assessments
• Participate in public engagement activities (e.g. open days, schools visits) if required

In addition, the post holder will also receive training in and the opportunity to contribute to report writing and scientific publishing (where appropriate). The employee will also gain valuable insights into the requirements of laboratories whose analysis adheres to ISO accreditation standards and all that this involves.

More experienced scientific staff will help the post holder to improve their CV, offer career advice and provide industry contacts. The post holder will have the opportunity to be involved in both industrial analytical testing and research and development projects. This will enable them to develop their problem solving, critical and creative thinking skills while being guided by senior scientific staff.



• Understanding of Chemistry at GCSE level and some level of science will be desirable


• Ideally English, Maths and Science GCSE A-C grade or equivalent (however lower grades will be considered, so don’t be put off)
• A level Chemistry or Science is desirable

Skills and characteristics

• Motivated and committed
• Creative and Innovative
• Open to developing their learning
• Professional Conduct: Demonstrates honesty and respect
• Cooperates with and supports colleagues
• Effective Communication: Listens and communicates clearly to others
• Good IT skills - Knowledge of Microsoft Office packages e.g. Excel.
• Good attention to detail

So how does the apprenticeship work?

At Tiro we’re obsessed with changing lives through science and technology apprenticeships so we can’t wait to have you on board.

Over 21 months, you’ll devote 20% of your 40 hours of working time towards a Level 3 Laboratory Technician apprenticeship. You’ll be trained by an expert tutor from Tiro as well as an experienced mentor at Curtis Analytics, who together, will make sure you develop the knowledge, skills, and work habits you’ll need to succeed in your career. The best part? You’ll be earning while you learn.

Being an apprentice is hands-on, so you’ll get the chance to learn things you might otherwise not have experienced in a university or college environment.

Tiro and Curtis Analytics’ goal is to transform you into a fully competent technician, ideally open to accepting a full-time, permanent position within the team.

Not ready to apply yet?

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Role overview

Wage: £6.56 - £8.91 per hour (dependent on age and experience)

Hours per week: 40

Length: 21 months

Required: Understanding of Chemistry at GCSE level and some level of science