Novo Nordisk, Oxford - Laboratory Technician (Level 3)

Novo Nordisk


Working for Novo Nordisk
Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford is an innovative target discovery and translational research unit with a focus on identifying novel, game-changing therapies for patients with type 2 diabetes and cardiometabolic diseases. They use advanced computational biology, state-of-the-art discovery screening technologies, genetics, and human-centric cell systems to dissect pathophysiology and identify novel drug targets. The site is a fusion of the best of academia, biotech, and big pharma to realize cutting-edge biology and start a target’s journey from bench to bedside.

Novo Nordisk describe themselves as collaborative, dedicated, and ambitious, with an innovative science-oriented approach to drive change to improve patient’s lives. They are a diverse group with backgrounds in bioinformatics, genetics, disease biology, technology, and drug discovery.

The apprenticeship with NNRCO offers an opportunity to learn and support their efforts using cutting-edge technologies to identify and validate novel targets in complex vitro models that mimic human biology, molecular targets with the potential to be developed into novel treatments for cardiometabolic diseases.
What it's like being a Level 3 Laboratory Technician

The apprenticeship with NNRCO would include active participation and training in general support services for all lab-based projects within the Department of Discovery Biology and Pharmacology.

Examples of task will be part of the training are
• Maintaining human derived cell line and primary human cells, including expanding, testing, and freezing multiple cell lines to support in vitro experimentation
• Preparation of reagents and solution needed for experimentation.
• Ordering and monitoring adequate levels of general laboratory consumables
• Performing routine cellular assays, such as measuring glucose in media from cell culture
• General equipment maintenance such as regular cleaning and calibration



• The ability to show an interest in science, or laboratory testing.


• Ideally English, Maths and Science GCSE A-C grade or equivalent (however lower grades will be considered, so don’t be put off)
• A-Level in Biology or Science related discipline (desirable)

Skills and characteristics

• Computer literate (Microsoft Office)
• Responsible, adhering to agreed task
• Organised and punctual
• Not afraid to ask for help when in doubt
• Strong collaboration skills and willingness to learn together with others as part of a team
• Readiness to proactively communicate and share own experience and knowledge
• Ability to, once proficient, independently Perform and complete own tasks
• Flexible, able to adapt to change to succeed in a dynamic, fast paced and challenging environment

So how does the apprenticeship work?

At Tiro we’re obsessed with changing lives through science and technology apprenticeships so we can’t wait to have you on board.

Over 21 months, you’ll devote 20% of your 35 hours of working time towards a Level 3 Laboratory Technician apprenticeship. You’ll be trained by an expert tutor from Tiro as well as an experienced mentor at Novo Nordisk who together, will make sure you develop the knowledge, skills, and work habits you’ll need to succeed in your career. The best part? You’ll be earning while you learn.

Being an apprentice is hands-on, so you’ll get the chance to learn things you might otherwise not have experienced in a university or college environment.

Tiro and Novo Nordisk’s goal is to transform you into a fully competent technician, ideally open to accepting a full-time, permanent position within the team.

Not ready to apply yet?

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Role overview

Wage: £15,000 per year

Hours per week: 35

Length: 21 months

Required: The ability to show an interest in science, or laboratory testing