Terra Tek, Aylesbury – Laboratory Technician (Level 3)

Your next step towards your dream career…


Working for Terra Tek

How do we know that construction materials are safe to use? The answer: companies like Terra Tek. Terra Tek is one of the UK’s leading construction materials testing services. They bring confidence to developers on projects like HS2 that their materials are up to the job.

And after two decades, they’re still growing. With Terra Tek, you’ll work using cutting edge technology to push construction materials to their limits. They are after meticulous people like you who want to earn whilst you learn from experts in the field.

What it’s like being a material testing tech

As a materials testing technician apprentice for Terra Tek, your goal will be to learn how to guarantee that materials are safe to be used on construction sites. The Aston Clinton branch provide both laboratory testing and testing on site. On this apprenticeship, you’ll have the opportunity to work in both areas. And yes, you’ll be working in a laboratory, but not as you may know it. You’ll be using cutting-edge tech to test materials like concrete, aggregates, and soils. This is not your typical lab!

While no two days are ever the same, here are a few things that you can expect from the job:

  • Being in the thick of it, collecting material samples from locations nearby; pushing the boundaries of strong materials to their limits; diligently recording your analysis to ensure failing materials don’t slip through the cracks and end up being used on-site.
  • Sometimes you’ll be destroying your samples, sometimes you’ll be submerging them in water. Whatever you’re testing, know that with Terra Tek, you’ll always be using the industry’s leading equipment in a controlled, safe environment, surrounded by experts.

Working as part of a close-knit team, you won’t be alone. You’ll be supported and guided by a team of experienced materials technicians to gain official qualifications that’ll boost your career.



So how does the apprenticeship work?


At Tiro we’re obsessed with changing lives through science and technology apprenticeships so we can’t wait to have you on board.

Over 21 months, you’ll devote 20% of your 37.5 hours of working time towards a Level 3 Laboratory Technician apprenticeship. You’ll be trained by an expert tutor from Tiro as well as an experienced mentor at Terra Tek, who together, will make sure you develop the knowledge, skills, and work habits you’ll need to succeed in your career. The best part? You’ll be earning £15,000 a year while you learn.

Being an apprentice is hands-on, so you’ll get the chance to learn things you might otherwise not have experienced in a university or college environment.

Tiro and Terra Tek’s ultimate goal is to transform you into a fully competent technician, ideally open to accepting a full-time, permanent position within the Terra Tek team.



“Having a supportive employer was brilliant, because they really saw my potential and developed me as an asset for the future. I was treated the same as any other technician.”

– Dan, Materials Technician Apprentice.

Hear more from Dan about what it’s like to be a materials technician apprentice >






  • The ability to show an interest in construction, science or laboratory testing


  • Ideally English, Maths and Science GCSE A-C grade or equivalent (however lower grades will be considered, so don’t be put off)
  • Driving licence essential for on-site testing and sample collection


  • Computer literate (Microsoft Office)


  • Accurate and meticulous person
  • Proactive in identifying problems and defects
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Comfortable working on your feet
  • An excellent working ethic is essential, as you’ll be expected to control your workload yourself





What? Level 3 Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship
Where? Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
When? Monday – Friday, 37.5 hours per week
How much? £15,000
How long? Fixed period of 21 months with the opportunity to stay on with Terra Tek permanently