Press release

Our new name is Tiro (pronounced ‘Tea-ro’ as in white, two sugars).

In Latin, it means novice, recruit, apprentice, beginner and soldier. The perfect name for a company that’s been helping fearless apprentices to join ambitious businesses since 2005.

So why the change?

Over the past decade we’ve grown significantly and we’re proud to be a leading recruitment and training provider for science and technology apprenticeships. But we’ve changed and so has the world.

That means we’ve had to take a fresh look at our business and our brand. We’ve reviewed the way we sound and the way we look and forged a new strategy to power our next decade of growth.

We’ve changed our name because people were always asking us if they were ‘too old’ for an apprenticeship with Youthforce (of course not!) And we felt that while our visual identity and website were professional and informative, they weren’t exciting, or different enough from the competition (there is, after all, no one quite like us out there). In short, our brand didn’t reflect the challenging, authentic and excitable business we are today.


We’ll be offering the same great services to our apprentices and to our employers, but we’ll finally look and sound as good as we are. Because we believe that great apprenticeships help everyone. There are remarkable apprentices out there just waiting to be found, and fantastic employment opportunities waiting to be filled.

Our work will never be just about getting bums on seats and pocketing our commission. In our own small way, we’re helping to change the world – finding people that are working on COVID vaccines, finding new ways for technology to help humanity and helping to tackle the big issues of the day, like climate change. As well as helping people – young and old – to find their way. Tiro’s proud to be playing our part in making that happen, and we can’t wait to find out what happens next…


To everyone who’s helped us get to where we are today, thank you. And to the rest of you, welcome to the ride.

Team Tiro